Friday, June 26, 2009

SMore? Yes please!!!

DISCLAIMER: No marshmellows were harmed in the making of this blog.(well... maybe just a couple)

Everyone in my family is a pretty dang good cook! and I think that cooking is our main form of bonding... Whenever theres a family get-together we inevitably spend the majority of the time either preparing meals or eating them. We like to share our secret ingredients and techniques but we like to give each other a hard time about them as well!

I'm not gonna lie... sometimes I'm afraid to ask Ambur what her secret ingredients are! ;)

This week, while Drew and Marci were up from Vernal, We had the smore cook off of the century after dinner. Each of us were trying to create "THE PERFECT MARSHMELLOW" and I think we all got pretty dang close! take a look at some of these babys! We can cook marshmellows like you wouldn't believe!!!

Marci is defiantly in heaven at this point!

Ewwey Gooey Goodness!!!!

...Thats right... Double crunchy goldies...

Lilly even turned out a couple nice one all by herself!

I of course have marshmellow rotisserie to a fine...fine art. Where do you think everyone else got their mad skills?!

MMMM.... you are just DElectable...

We went through a bag and a half of marshmellows and two packages of fudge striped cookies
and the little girls really enjoyed getting the chocolate everywhere, they are so cute.

I think that everyone had a really fun evening, because nothing says love like sharing your perfect roasted marshmellow with a friend or family member! Even if when It's all said and done... someone might forget to eat it! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ye Ol Chuck a Rama

So tonight, like most Saturday nights, I spent my evening in the most magical place on earth... Chuck-a-rama, where you are teleported to a heavenly place full of good hardy food and old-fashioned desserts with all you can drink non-alcholic beverages! All for the low price of just 11.65 per person for ages 12 and over with a 10% discount for seniors 60 and over... consequently this is also where I work.
Some days I am a cashier, other days I'm a host and show people to their seats but most of the time I am a server. Servers get people thier drinks, clear away dirty plates, generally smile alot and bus the tables and booths after the people have left. They also keep an eye on the desserts and make sure that they are kept fresh and looking delectable... It's easy to get tired of dealing with the mess that's left behind and overwhelmed trying to keep people from seeing the bottom of their glasses.
I'm not gonna lie... I'm dang good at my job most days. I keep things clean, I'm efficient, I go out of my way to make things easier for my co-workers (including my managers) and am attentive to my customers. sometimes I don't do things jsut because I outright forget them, and by no means am I a chatty Cathy that sits there and learns everyones life story by the time their done eating, but I am friendly and do my best to create a good experience for those sitting in my section... so it dosn't make me smile when people (including my managers) don't appreciate how hard I work or the little things I do for them, espically if they just assume that I'm supposed to do it in the first place.

So I guess what I'm getting at is this: It's a dang good thing they have such good food or else I woulda been outta there a long time ago! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in the 1850's

The fam all headed out to missori land last week, here's a couple pictures (mostly for our visit to missouri town! it was really a blast :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of Libraries and Group Study

Today I had to go to the campus library for my science group study. Which is pretty much pointless, all we do is fill out a little worksheet the the teacher assigns us and go on our merry little ways. It's usually not worth the walk because there arn't even any treats involved!!!

It dosn't
make me smile.

Today as I was leaving the study rooms I decided to go meandering thourgh the bookshelves to see if there was anything interesting since i had about 45 min till cloggin class started... and had no desire to work on my english paper that's due tonight! so somehow I ended up in the sports and games section where i found a couple good books. 5 to be exact! all of which I checked out as I thought about hurrying to clogging since i would probably be late... but I'm much to lazy to hurry :)

So heres the books that I got:

- I guess it's a french martial art alot like kickboxing... only without the boxing part! I rember seeing part of an old cowboy movie call "Savate" where the main character was involved in prizefighting or somthing. and he kicked the crap out of everybody.
The Art of Juggling- yes... this was in the sports section... I just figgured that I'd brush up on my already sweet skills.
The Traditional Boywers Bible- part 1 of a trilogy that explains how to make archery equipment, i actually have part 2 and 3 at home... why? because I am going to be an Indian some day.

An Introduction to Magic- also in the sports section... eventually I plan to be good enough to make anyuthing disappear. for example, things like. Ohhh... lets say... just of the top of my head... lazy roomates that don't clean up after themselves, daily quizes in religion class and oprah.
Electric Foil Fencing- As I skimmed through this one it has alot of stuff that I already know because, well, I'm a fencing master! But It has funny pictures of people getting stabbed :) so i couldn't resist.

The point of this story being... next time skip group study and just go read a book! you can learn alot more from them. and with all the rain we're getting I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to master them all!!!