Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ok... I'll admit it.

I don't understand everything!!!

Note: save and print this document for future reference... this is the first and last time that statement will be made.

BUT!!! that doesn't mean I don't Know everything.

...There's a huge difference.

I know it's hard for some of you to believe that I really don't understand everything. So to convince you that it's true I've compiled a complete list of them.


-Cheese pizza
-Soap operas
-People who make a career out of politics
-Bottled water
-Paying for Psychiatrists/Self-help books
-Toilet seat etiquette ( I have a rather long rant about this one... I'll have to explain it later)

What really got me thinking about what I don't understand is the cheese pizza. it seriously blows my mind away to think about why that would be considered delicious, or even worth making in the first place! some people are just silly!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seinor basura... ummm...collectoro?

So I'm up here in Washington staying with dad and Aaron and Brielle and we're having a pretty good time :) the other day I went to the lake with Aaron and Brielle and of coure lil stitch!

They're kinda silly sometimes. So I was in the canoe and they were floating around on an air mattress.

When Aaron took me to the lake last time I was here we went around the lake and collected all the floating garbage we could find, so I figured that I would follow my big/lil bros example and do it again! As you can see I found a... Plethora... of loathsome float-some!
Heres a list of a few things I found: a left shoe, an emergency whistle, some rope, a chunk of 2x4, like 7 popcans/beer bottles, a capri-sun, a stuffed kitty cat, a whisky bottle, a cool little water bottle, a plastic fork, several foam worm containers and fishing tackle; hook, line, sinker and bobber!

For washington supposedly full of liberals and granola crunchers there sure was alot of junk in that little lake! I even found a dirty Diaper! but there was no way I was touching that, so I left it in the lilly pads... I'm not that dedicated to helping the environment ;)
Ps. Brielle took most of these pictures!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

STupid computer.

Im trying to post a music playlist on here. and I cant figure it out. it's making me highly aggrivated and angry to boot.