Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seinor basura... ummm...collectoro?

So I'm up here in Washington staying with dad and Aaron and Brielle and we're having a pretty good time :) the other day I went to the lake with Aaron and Brielle and of coure lil stitch!

They're kinda silly sometimes. So I was in the canoe and they were floating around on an air mattress.

When Aaron took me to the lake last time I was here we went around the lake and collected all the floating garbage we could find, so I figured that I would follow my big/lil bros example and do it again! As you can see I found a... Plethora... of loathsome float-some!
Heres a list of a few things I found: a left shoe, an emergency whistle, some rope, a chunk of 2x4, like 7 popcans/beer bottles, a capri-sun, a stuffed kitty cat, a whisky bottle, a cool little water bottle, a plastic fork, several foam worm containers and fishing tackle; hook, line, sinker and bobber!

For washington supposedly full of liberals and granola crunchers there sure was alot of junk in that little lake! I even found a dirty Diaper! but there was no way I was touching that, so I left it in the lilly pads... I'm not that dedicated to helping the environment ;)
Ps. Brielle took most of these pictures!


  1. Wow Alex...I'm impressed =) Haha, what did you do with the poor stuffed kitty cat?

  2. Quite a harvest of the loathsome floatsome! The earth and water thank you! You did good for the enviornment! Great job Alex! - Butterfly Momma

  3. *sigh* I put the poor half drowned kitty cat out of my misery... it's now eatting from the giant trash cans in the sky. *sniff*